Crepe Erase | I’m so happy I decided to indulge!!

I will continue using Crepe Erase. OBTW, I’m 64 years young.

If you had a car and after several years it was still running great and you still loved it, but the paint had faded so it looked bad, and you had the $$ to have it repainted, would you? If your tooth had fallen out, would you just leave it that way because it naturally fell out? Sheesh! I am very picky about everything I own or might possibly buy. I keep things up; I keep things looking pretty! Should I not do the very same thing for what’s MOST important of all — my own appearance??! When I look in the mirror, I want to be pleased; I want to love what I see…. I DON’T want to have to rationalize, “Well, I’ve lived a long time; well, I’ve done this and that; well, I was too long in the sun when I was young…” NO, I want to be happy with what I see…PERIOD! Thank you.

I am 44 and have a dry skin, fair complexion and some sun damage. I am at my second order. I have initially called in and purchased (for a greater price than the automatic offer) only one, smaller package just to try the product. I don’t like automatic sending.

Crepe Erase Side Effects However, after using the product on my neck, face, decoltage, knees, elbows and feet I found that the fine lines have been diminished and my skin is really nice and smooth. In comparison to a regular lotion like Lubriderm or Avina, this product has left my skin feeling thicker, smoother and moist in non greasy way for longer. Truth be told, I have never had such a nice, smooth skin on my legs before and my decoltage is wrinkle free after a month( there used to be a little line in between my breasts – no more) I had a line in each cheek and one by my right eyebrow that are diminished and the fine lines above my eyebrows are not visible unless I move my eyebrows upward.

I use the eye serum on eyes( it used to heat up a little, but after a month it doesn’t any more) and my dry lips. I see my lips nice and soft now.

I find that the secret is in the exfoliant. It is the skin preparation with the exfoliant that gives the results. I skipped the exfoliant to see what it does and the skin didn’t absorb the cream the same.

I find this product to be a high quality product, at least for my age group.

I received my products in the mail yesterday.

I used them for the first time, and so far WOW!!! I’m definitely giving it its 6 week trial…. However, I’m already extremely impressed with ALL the products I received.

I had spinal cord surgeries and spinal cord pain blockers injected into my spine last year. My skin has looked “creped” like for a couple years. Getting worse and worse as time goes on, I lost a lot of glow from my skin. Crepe Erase is giving me my “glow” back!! My skins touchable… I actually WANT to touch my arms and legs!!! I’m so excited!!

I hope as the days go on I’m just as happy.

All of us women work so darn hard trying to nurture everything in our path, and then some….. WE DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD!!!

I’m so happy I decided to indulge!!

I would like to try this product but i have a problem buying something and begin charged before i got a chance to really find out if the product really works .you used jane Seymore just to get people to buy this product i seen a lot of bad reviews . Why can’t some one just try this product and if it doesn’t work .just be able to decide if they want to place another order and noy ya”ll charging some one credit card over and over again .Some one was told she would get a refund and she said that its been four weeks and no refund but ya”ll are still charging her credit card .

And some lady said it turned her face purple and tried to contact someone told her she couldn’t talk to a manager about it .I think that ya”ll are promoting a product and making thousands of dollars at our expense and you have no care about what you do to your customers .


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